Brands Hatch 2013 Full Race Report

June 29th & 30th

As brands was over 2 days i decided to do the nippon on the saturday to get some track time and make sure i had some power back. Qualifying for the nippon went well and although out classed by many of the cars my lap times were pretty much where i needed to be for the coupes on sunday. The first race came round and i wanted to make a good start to try and jump some mr2's, unfortunatley this eagerness got the better of me and the right foot was a bit too heavy causing the fronts to spin. Lost a few places off the start and spent the first part of the race chasing down a bunch of mr2's and a peugeot. 3 of the mr2's all fell off together going round paddock so i was left behind the peugeot and that's how we finished.

Start of the second race and i was determined to make a good start, had fewer revs going but when the lights changed the adrenalin had different ideas and my right foot went heavy again so the wheels spun. It felt like i was standing still as half the grid came past me. Managed to catch up with the same peugeot and an mr2 and that's pretty much how we stayed for the rest of race. Enjoyed both races and was happy with overall lap times, car felt good although front tyres felt past their best. Tried to get 2 new ones for the sunday but the tyre guy had sold out of the federals so i swapped front to rear and that'll have to do.

Went out for qualifying on the sunday feeling fairly confident and relaxed, ended up just 2 100ths of a second behind simon in second place. We came round onto the grid for the first race and i was keen to make a good start to keep with simon and make sure the other coupes stayed behind me. The lights went out and yep, you guessed it, totally fluffed it again! Simon disappeared and adam appeared alongside me, not exactly the plan i had. Adam managed to get infront and it was nip and tuck for a few laps, he was quicker in some sections and me in others. Finally got a stroke of luck when 4 of us were coming down the home straight, me and an mr2 on the inside, adam and another mr2 on the outside. Luckily the mr2 on the outside baulked adam and i followed the other mr2 up the inside to take both places. From there i stuck with the mr2 and pulled a gap on adam, the mr2 then fell off round paddock a few laps later and i was left to chase simon down. I could see him and think i was gaining a little but not enough with the remaining laps. Finished 2nd in class behind simon and picked up my first trophy.

Started on the grid behind simon with adam behind me, as usual was keen for a good start. This time it was better without being fantastic, simon still got away and adam also got past me. Spent the rest of the race trying to find a way past adam. He defended well and although I had chances i couldn't make any moves stick, tyres had definatley seen better days at this point. With a few laps remaining we encountered a recovering simon, next lap round simon ran wide at clearways and both me and adam had a good run at him. We went up the home straight almost 3 abreast, we came to paddock bend and i decided to brake early in favour of keeping a tighter line in the hope that they would both go in too hot. It almost paid off as they both ran slighty wide and out of shape but not enough for me to get a good run at them towards druids. The 2nd race finished with simon in front, then adam and then me. Overall a great weekend, learnt alot about myself (and how i need to practice starts) and the car, also picked up my first 2 trophies and got sunburnt.