Cadwell Park 2013 Full Race Report

August 31st

Cadwell is another long and quite technical circuit so i booked in for the morning test session to get familiar with the layout. I'd done my usual research using the UK track guide and watched a bunch of incar vids but there's no substitute for getting out there. Testing went ok, the only hitch being my lap timer wasn't working so wasn't sure how i was really going.

Went out for qualifying on saturday morning with the usual hopes of qualifying well to ensure a good spot for the first race. After the first couple of laps i realised that my lap timer still wasn't working, i'd learnt from mallory that just because it feels quick it doesn't necessarily mean that it is. I'd been relying on the laptimer (maybe too much) over the last couple of races and felt a bit lost without it. Still being quite new to the circuit and knowing i was loosing time in some sections i was happy to see simon in my mirrors. I hatched a cunning plan and let him through so i could follow him, if i could keep with simon then i should at least be near the man to beat on the grid. The plan worked and i qualified 2nd out of the coupes just a few tenths behind simon and 12th overall.

I lined up on the grid behind simon and the usual thoughts about how to get the damn thing off the line quickly went through my head. The lights went out and i actually made a pretty good start and stayed with all the cars around me, 'bout frigging time! Got baulked a bit on the first lap and simon put a couple of mr2's between us, the first couple of laps has been my weak point all year, i'm not fully trusting the tyres so lose places due to a bit of hesitation. An mr2 put a move on me going into the gooseneck and this is pretty much how we stayed for the rest of the race. I could see simon but couldn't gain on him, likewise the coupe behind me wasn't gaining either. With a couple of laps to go i started to smell gearbox oil but wasn't sure if it was me or the mr2 infront, gearbox still felt ok so carried on with crossed fingers. Car made it to the finish with no problems and still don't know if it was me or the mr2 creating the stink. Jon had a bit of bad luck when an mr2 dropped its exhaust which jon then promptly ran over giving him a puncture. He ended up on the grass banking so didn't finish the first race.

Lined up for race 2, tried to replicate my first start but got a bit too much wheel spin, this gave paul in his new coupe a sniff up my inside but i kept my foot planted and held him off. I thought about going round the outside of the mr2 infront of me as he was the cause of my baulking in the 1st race, given how narrow the track is i decided better of it and tucked in behind him. Still anxious to get passed this mr2 i made sure i carried good speed and got a good exit round charlies 2 this gave me the run in him going up to the right hander, move complete there was now just one mr2 between me and simon. Coming round the gooseneck the cars infront slowed a bit so i pulled out to have look seeing my chance to get another place, decided this wasn't the one when i saw an mr2 sideways across the track at the bottom of the hill so i tucked back in again. The mr2 between me and simon put a move on him going into the mountain which left me right on simons bumper. I was keen not to let him get away and stayed with him for a few laps, simon was quicker than me in some sections and me in others. This meant i never really got close enough to try and put a move on him although i was enjoying being a big black blob in his mirrors. A few laps in I saw jon in my mirrors, knowing he's quicker than me and i'm not really racing him i let him through thinking he'd have to get past simon aswell and this may give me an opportunity at simon. Alas the plan didn't work and simon kept jon at bay for the rest of the race, i stayed with them and it was great having 3 coupes going round nose to tail. 3 coupes finishing in the top 10 was also great for us and the series.

Cadwell is a great track and i enjoyed my first time there, hoping we go back next year.