Snetterton 2013 Full Race Report

March 16th

I probably didn't have the best build up to my first race weekend, my tow van had been off the road for a few months over winter due to an accident and despite my best efforts she didn't want to start up. With a week to go I had no tow vehicle, i'd been using a local van hire company who have a transit with a tow bar but that was out and although it was due back they didn't know when (one of them rolling hire deals). Finally on the tuesday before the race weekend I rang Alec at prize motorsport to see if he had room on his lorry for my car, he wasn't sure so I had to call him back on the wednesday or thursday and thankfully he had space. Arranged with a friend to meet alec at workshop on friday as i was working, car got collected and hauled up to Snetterton, thanks Alec! I still had to hire a small van to take my fuel, spares etc up but I was going to make it whatever it took.

Saturday the 16th comes around and it's lashing down, I leave early and make my way up to snett, where it's lashing down and blowing a gale! I think brass monkeys is the term as we huddled in andy melton's trailor to get out the wind. Felt a bit nervous as we drove down to scrutineering, first time for this and just hoped everything was ok, passed scrutineering with no issues so happy days. Relaxed a bit with the banter that was going around and made a decision to just survive the day as it was so wet and greasy, it doesn't matter where you come, survive it, enjoy it and bring it home in one bit.

Qualifying went ok and i slid it round as fast as i dare, qualified 29th out of 41 which i was quite happy with. Due to the staggered grid I ended up starting last as I qualified last out of the coupes, probably the safest place to start your first race. Sat back a bit at the start of the first race to see what it's all about and slowly grew in confidence and went passed a few mr2's. Finished last out of the coupes but enjoyed my first race and was happy to finish in one piece despite a few wayward slides, mainly round the hairpin and on the mud jon decided to leave on the track after being punted off. Finshed 32nd out of 39 so was quite pleased with that.

Race 2 and it was still wet although it had just about stopped raining, started last on the grid again but kept with the pack better off the start. My nearest coupe rival mark dawson had a moment coming out of the first hairpin with an mr2 so i siezed my chance and got past them both. The track was drying towards the end of the second race so the pace picked up and felt more comfortable, managed to keep mark behind me for the rest of the race so wasn't last out of the coupes, finished 30th out of 34.

As a first race weekend goes and despite the weather i really enjoyed it, I finished both races and pushed as hard as i dare given the conditions and current talent level, allbeit well within the cars limits.

Post Snett I noticed one of the driveshaft oil seals had sprung a leak so that had to be changed along with the n/s front to rear brake pipe.