Building The 1999 Coupe

It took about 9 months to convert the car from a road going Coupe into a track car. Most work was carried out on weekends and the occasional evening. The build was started in Late February 2012 and the first shakedown test day was at Donington in mid November 2012.

The base car was a silver Gen1 which seemed to be in good condition and the stripdown was quite straight forward. Since the initial build I have shed some extra weight by single skinning the bonnet and removing other non essential items. Average weight of the car with driver and residual fuel is around 1135kg.

Towards the end of the 2013 season I have built a new engine ready for the 2014 season, this is now complete and in the car.

Building It Back Up

With the car stripped it was time to fit the essential safety and MSA regulation parts. Rollcage, fire extinguisher and cut-off switch are among these safety parts. Once it was all in place a coat of black paint on the floor makes it look a bit tidier.

The First Shakedown Day At Donington

The first test at Donington went ok, there were a few faults found during the test but nothing serious and overall the car ran well. Once the small gremlins had been sorted the Coupe was pretty much ready for the start of the 2013 season.

A Trip To The Signwriters

I'd decided on a black, gold and red theme for the livery having always been a fan of the Lotus F1 colours. Exit13 came up with the design, they had the car for a week and the end result was better than I expected...

Control Parts...

To compete in the Coupe Cup we have to run a number of control parts.

  • Avo Coilover suspension
  • Pipercorss air filter onto stock intake tube
  • EBC bluestuff pads & standard discs
  • Safety Devices rollcage
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Toyo R888 tyres

What We Did...

To convert the road going Coupe into a racer this was the 'To-Do' list.

  • Strip interior, including all sound proofing & sunroof
  • Disable door locks
  • Strip door internals
  • Remove steering lock
  • Fit Roll Cage
  • Fit fire extuinguisher system
  • Fit ally panel over sunroof hole
  • Fit Racing seat & harness
  • Fit new switches
  • Make new switch panel
  • Fit rain light
  • Remove air con system
  • Remove cruise control system
  • Remove other unwanted stuff from engine bay
  • Remove standard radiator fans & cowling
  • Remove thermostat from cooling system
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Fit braided brake hoses
  • Fit uprated suspension
  • Fit series approved brakes all round
  • Fit oil cooler system
  • Replace power steering drive belt
  • Change noisy front wheel bearings
  • Change brake & clutch fluid for Dot 5.1
  • Make new exhaust
  • Move battery from engine bay to inside car
  • Remove standard bonnet / boot catches & cables
  • Fit bonnet & boot pins
  • Remove rear wiper system
  • Remove rear spoiler
  • Fit series approved spoiler
  • Remove front fog lights
  • Sort slight rust on both rear arches
  • Prep & re-spray